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Purposes of ParBleu Technologies are:
  • to promote the use of remote sensing techniques for a wide range of applications (marine environment, hydro-geological survey, forest inventory, agriculture monitoring, space reconnaissance), by providing high quality and economically valid solutions,
  • to carry on a continuous activity of research and development in the field of remote sensing, as well as in connected fields,
  • to transfer the corresponding technology and know-how to the potential users in the world, providing them, according to their needs and demand, consultancy for personalized solutions, personal training, services, and/or ready-to-operate projects.

To contribute efficiently to these goals, the fields of activity extends to connected domains such as agronomy, aerospace technology, technological development, and sensors development.

To comply with its goals, the company is formed by a pool of leader scientists in the fields of optical and radar remote sensing, aerospace engineering, and agronomy.

The corporation is authorized to perform everything requisite or profitable to the accomplishment of its purpose or incidental thereto or connected therewith in the widest sense of the word.

Selected References:

Scientific cooperation, partnerships, services, consultancy, application projects

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